Who is Faralda?

She was a beautiful and sensual Dutch lady. A non conformist and quirky women living in the 40’s.
Unknown, but thanks to her ambitious and determined character she was able to realize the impossible.
Like what we did with the our old monumental crane. Everybody is able to realize a dream.

Crane Hotel Faralda Amsterdam

From scrap to Europe’s most unique and sensational hotel experience. A secret and hidden place in the sky of Amsterdam.
After a 4-year battle the unprecedented landmark has unexpectedly been rewarded. The risks and the technical challenges were immens.
Only open for a few months and already nominated for 3 prestigious European Hospitality Awards. The nomination cover the following three categories:

1.Innovation in Service of the Year
2.Best use of Technology
3.Hotelier of the Year

General Information/Facts & Figures

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