About us

The Faralda Restoration Fund strives to make active contributions to the preservation of monumental/(industrial) heritage through responsible restoration and repurposing. The Faralda team has been able to realize this extensive project because we believe there is a solution to any problem. We don’t run away from them, we solve them. Faralda Crane Hotel is the ultimate platform to carry out this mission statement. 

"People can Solve all problems, if they have the Courage to Communicate"

Crane Hotel Amsterdam - mystery hotel
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About us

It’s our drive and our passion. All constructive and financial challenges were solved through our vision. With an initial budget of € 1, we realized an extensive and multi-million-dollar restoration. A seemingly impossible task of restoration and redevelopment was successfully completed.

The Faralda Crane Hotel is a famous heritage landmark and one of the most published buildings in Amsterdam. The former Crane 13 was in a deplorable state. More than 100 companies were involved to turn a piece of junk into an amazing and award-winning restoration landmark. It finally took more than 7 years of construction work, starting in 2011 to turn this old industrial crane into one of the most unique and talked about hotel projects in The Netherlands.

The Initiator and real estate developer -main contractor was Edwin Kornmann Rudi. He is currently responsible for all Crane activities. He started the restoration project in 2011 and finished 2018. Up to now he still struggles with the municipality of Amsterdam to fulfill the commitments they agreed to. The entire restoration process has been an excessive and once in a lifetime experiment. The plan to realize 3 of the utmost expensive suites in The Netherlands on top of a crane was somewhat of an eccentric endeavor and the constructive challenges phenomenal to say the least.

Interview Owner

“How did you get the idea?” My dream was to create a platform for my mission statement, and I feel I have succeeded. The restoration and the conservation of monumental heritage was quite a tour the force. I had to deal with many (financial and constructional) challenges. I had to start from social security with only € 1 I’ve been in real-estate since I was 17, so I have 40 years of experience. You needed to be creative and a bit crazy if you want to realize a challenges like this one. Edwin Kornmann Rudi; Owner.

“It is certainly set to become one of the most talked about pieces of architecture…” (Fused Magazine)

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