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Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel: Europe's most unique hotel experience.

The suites are located at 50 meters height. All suites have a majestic view over the 'IJ' and the city Amsterdam. The amount of suites is limited. There's a high global interest for all of the 3 suites. Reservation is final after payment.
The price for a suite is € 435,--. The exclusive Champagne breakfast is € 27,50 per person.
Action: On top of the crane is the now famous Spa Pool. Those who booked a suite can make use of this Spa Pool for free. If you wish to only make use of the Spa Pool the experience will cost you € 45,-- per person for a maximum of 1.5 hours (minimum 2 people). Reservation for a room at the Faralda Crane Hotel is required.
The dare devils can rope jump off the 50 meter high crane with a mega swing of at least 90 meters and a free fall of tens of meters. Costs are € 60,-- per jump. A jump is monitored by professional and certified instructors.
The Faralda / Dutchview Television show offers an incredible view at 14 meters height. The Television Studio is suitable for small reports and talkshows. Besides that the studio is very suitable for events / festivals, press / product presentations, or as a conference room / boardroom.
Bookings and information go through the site www.faralda.com.
For any questions please contact info@faralda.com.

The exclusive Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel Amsterdam is located at the top of a former industrial monumental crane in one of the city’s most creative neighborhoods.

The Faralda NDSM Crane Hotel will fit perfectly in this Amsterdam creative hotspot. Not only does it offer a unique and exclusive experience for its guests – including a Spa Pool located on the roof – it will also host the Faralda Production Company. In cooperation with Dutchview Faralda facilitates film, TV, music, media and festival events.

The iconic 50-metre high crane has recently been dismantled and is undergoing a major renovation to return later this year and start it's second life as a brand new luxury hot spot in Amsterdam.

1. At the top: 3 high‐end contemporary design suites. An international team is responsible for the in‐ & exterior design. At the 50 meters high top (with a splendid view of the city and the IJ river) a Spa Pool is situated in the open air. High above the city, the crane slowly turns in the wind. The guests will experience an exceptional night.

2. On 13 meters height: with a splendid view over the city, the Faralda Broadcasting Studio & Faralda Production Company. The studio will also be used for productions of external parties. The studio is suitable for television recordings and corporate events, such as a business meeting room. For presentations and celebrations it is an excellent space with many possibilities. The studio can be delivered as a 'Black Box' so you can create your own atmosphere. We also offer the possibility to place your event in the decor of a (known) talk or entertainment show.

3. The Faralda Members Club FMC is private and not open to the public. FMC is working on the development of new TV formats and media concepts. A breeding place for the creative and easy‐going spirit…

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