Design Suites

This is what sleeping in a crane looks like! Read the Dutch article from the Volkskrant.

Mystique | Suite No1 - 45 mtrs

A room concept based on the language of the orient. Opulent dark colours and rich and luxurious materials. A room that Faralda could have inhabited herself.


© Denise Keus - 2014

Secret | Suite No2 - 40mtrs

The classic orient theme translated to 2013. Saturated colours become more vibrant and shapes slightly more abstract. Less decorated however still lush and super comfortable

© Denise Keus - 2014

Free Spirit | Suite No3 - 35mtrs

A contemporary room concept based on the language of the harbour and industry. Sober materials and soft colours pleasing the eye, however with a very high level of comfort.

© Denise Keus - 2014

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