Europe’s most unique and sensational hotel experience…

Crane Hotel Faralda :

Amsterdam’s Secret & Private hang out hidden in a huge and beautiful monumental crane.

A sky high Panoramic Lounge and three extravagant high end suites in top of the crane.

NDSM is a Rough and Inspiring place in an unprecedented Industrial and Mystic setting: The creative and innovative hub of today’s art, culture and business.

In this new buzzing center of Amsterdam, Crane Hotel Faralda is an iconic landmark with a phenomenal view of the port of Amsterdam.

Crane Hotel Faralda is an enclosed and private domain. Two elevators provide access to the Panoramic Lounge (15 meters) and the three spacious and extravagant luxury suites in top of the Crane (35 – 50 meters)

Crane Hotel Faralda , for Creative and Passionate Free Spirits….

Compilatie Suite No 3 Free Spiritbedfirst

Free Spirit

35 meters

Compilatie Secret Suite No 2


Compilatie Mystique Suite No 1