Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam

We are NON-CONFORMIST. We think OUT OF THE BOX. Only the RESULT matters.

Partners in Creative Strategy provides excellence in connecting brands and companies to people. We are specialized in enhancing company’s identities and in fuelling brands with relevant and distinctive emotions. Our partnership with Faralda Crane Hotel is aimed at turning your Faralda event into an exhilarating experience that will boost your company’s vision and strategy. We offer creative implementations for all your strategic directions by inventing concepts in line with your company’s core values and bringing them alive in mind-boggling sensations.

Creative Concept
Marketing Communication
Corporate Communication
Event Management
Media Management

Partners in Creative Strategy consists of two partners: Jane Hammond and Cees Foet. Jane is an experienced marketing / public relations specialist who has worked in agencies for many years and has successfully advised multiple companies. Cees specializes in creative strategy development and has many years of experience in brand identity and communication in strategy and marketing/advertising management.

For more information please contact: info@faralda.com