It’s a crane, a monumental harbour crane.

How did you get the idea? 

“Always the first question I have to answer…The crane is a huge industrial building. A famous landmark and heritage in the highest category. This colossus inspired me. I’ve been a real estate developer since I was 17, so 40 years of experience now.
First of all you need to be creative and a bit crazy to develop the
3 most expensive suites in top of a monumental harbour crane.

I wanted to make a statement! My dream was to create a tool to contribute to the realization of my mission statement:

“Problems can be solved if people have the courage to communicate”

Faralda is just a tool. I want to make an active contribution to the realization of my Mission statement. To realize this goal, I had to conquer all financial and constructions challenges. I started (from Social security) with only € 1 to spend and many others to solve. These problems were immense, but we fixed it.”

(Owner Faralda Crane Hotel)

Faralda Crane Hotel is the restored monumental harbor crane 13 and nowadays a mind-blowing experience. The famous landmark houses on top three amazing apartments and a studio for Corporate and Music events.

The view over the harbor and Amsterdam is majestic. The industrial giant is based on the river IJ in the middle of the NDSM. This former shipyard has become a lively bustling area with numerous trendy restaurants, cafés and (2020) the largest graffiti museum in the world.

At the top you can find three luxurious design suites and the studio for Private Parties and Corporate & Music events. Faralda Crane Hotel is undoubtedly Amsterdam’s biggest unknown place. We love to keep it that way.

We’re not a mainstream hotel. Free Spirits, CEOs, world-leading DJs, famous models, artists, and many others found this secret spot their home away from home.

Each suite is a huge 5 star luxurious designed cube with 2 floors. A beautifully decorated living and separate bedroom with king-size bed and a bath tube. There is a separate bathroom with a rain shower, a secluded toilet.  On top of the crane, you will find the heated SPA pool. Especially at night time an amazing view at the Harbor with all its flickering lights.

Book your suite today and secure an unforgettable stay in the Crane



NDSM-plein 78, 1033 WB Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (0)20 7606161

In all cases, please let us know your approximately arrival time so we can properly receive you with a warm welcome.

Parking space available for approx € 8,– a day/per car (reservation not needed). If you prefer to travel in style, we will be happy to arrange an exclusive VIP limousine.

(General Aviation Schiphol East)

Please call and we’ll arrange a high end welcome at General Aviation Schiphol East, the private and business flights area on planes holding up to 19 passengers. From the Airport we can arrange a limousine to bring you to our exclusive hotel.

Take a train to Amsterdam Central Station (14 minutes). Exit on the North side and take the ferry at the utmost left to NDSM-Wharf (one minute walk). During the 10 minutes (free) ferry crossing on the IJ river you will already see the Faralda Crane, located 350 meters from the ferry stop NDSM.

helicopter tour ndsm best top luxury hotel amsterdam faralda craneSchiphol Amsterdam Heliport to Crane Hotel Faralda

Marken, Volendam, Zaandijk, Amsterdam, Central Station

Landing right near Crane Hotel Faralda
From € 1500

VIP, Corporate & Music events
Take a private helicopter tour for your Promotion & Marketing

Including landing fees € 300
Including Iimousine Schiphol Commercial flight centrum to Amsterdam Heliport (S klasse)

Prices subject to availability and changes
Helicopter type EC120

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Will be updated soon.