The constructional shape of the crane was a lucky accident. Faralda Crane Hotel is not a public building. 

But we apply the precautions mentioned in:

  1. General Conditions of Faralda
  2. LIVE STREAM Conditions

These conditions have to be obeyed under penalty of denying access in Faralda Crane Hotel.

You’re safe in the Crane. We’re Corona proof.

Like anywhere in the world, we cannot exclude that people are infected by the corona virus.

We want to exclude that the Corona virus is being transmitted in the Crane. 

Staff is available on request and there’s check-in without hassle. Access will be refused if directions from the staff are not obeyed.

Only staff and invited guests are allowed to enter the Crane.

Entry is prohibited to people with symptoms indicative of Corona, flu or any other transmissible disease.

  • Normal capacity (93 pax) is reduced to max 4 pax in each compartment.
  • Normal capacity in the crane is 93.  
  • In the studio physical contact is strictly forbidden. Access to DJ’s and staff only.
  • 2-meter distance is obligatory.
  • Guests will receive our Faralda Manual with the personal code of the safe and their Card.
  • Key transfer is not personal and goes via the safe.
  • Guests are able to move within the crane without contacting others.
  • Your key card is disinfected. 
  • Wear gloves in the elevator.
  • Guests must use the 2 elevators separately.
  • Only couples and relatives may move together in the crane and the elevator.
  • Guests are temperature-controlled upon entrance.
  • Faralda provides disinfectants. 

You’re safe in your private suite. An amazing luxurious 5***** underground suite on top of the crane. 

The view from your excluded space over Amsterdam and the river IJ beneath is breathtaking. 

We’ll service a private diner in your suite with your beloved one. How romantic is that?

Stay Safe… On behalf of staff,

Edwin Kornmann Rudi
(Owner Faralda Crane Hotel)

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