History & Restoration

After a major restoration from 2011-2019, the monumental 50-meter-high crane started its second life as a brand-new luxury hot spot in Amsterdam with just 3 suites and a TV Broadcasting studio. Curious? Watch the start of the 9-year project at: Restoration Faralda Crane.

“With extravagant decor, roll-top baths, and a heated whirlpool with panoramic views of Amsterdam, this swanky hotel is the height of style” (Daily Star)


The old crane was in a profound state of disrepair. The redevelopment has been a major tour de force because of the unprecedented structural challenges. Architectural vision: The crane has been restored and brought back to its original colors (blue-grey and yellow). According to the vision of the famous architect Bernard Tschumi, new additions are in red. (I.e., Parc de la Villette Paris).

brake anchor hangs to starboard - Crane Amsterdam secret hotel rooms

Over a period of 7 years, hundreds of contractors and subcontractors were involved. To solve all the tremendous construction challenges, seven specialized construction/consultancy firms (each with their own discipline) advised and calculated daily to overcome the many technical challenges. Two water pumps supply the three showers with water. On top of the crane is the heated spa pool on the rooftop and the 2,000-liter water tank for fire protection. Now the crane meets the highest safety requirements. 

The construction with sewer, water, electricity has been complicated. The rotating thrust bearing houses all recesses that can move independently from each other. The crane still turns in the wind. Everyday a new view.

In the first three years in, the team had to deal with a 500 pounder WOII bomb. There were many financial setbacks due to safety regulations and inventions. The foundation cost per suite is approximately € 1 million euro.

“The Weirdest Hotel in Amsterdam” (Urbandaddy)

In all cases, please let us know your approximately arrival time so we can properly receive you with a warm welcome.


Parking space available for approx € 8,– a day/per car (reservation not needed). If you prefer to travel in style, we will be happy to arrange an exclusive VIP limousine.


(General Aviation Schiphol East)
Please call and we’ll arrange a high end welcome at General Aviation Schiphol East, the private and business flights area on planes holding up to 19 passengers. From the Airport we can arrange a limousine to bring you to our exclusive hotel.


Take a train to Amsterdam Central Station (14 minutes). Exit on the North side and take the ferry at the utmost left to NDSM-Wharf (one minute walk). During the 10 minutes (free) ferry crossing on the IJ river you will already see the Faralda Crane, located 350 meters from the ferry stop NDSM.


(Including sight seeing (Approx. 30 min)

Marken, Volendam, Zaandijk, Amsterdam, Central Station

Landing right near Crane Hotel Faralda
From € 1500

VIP, Corporate & Music events
Take a private helicopter tour for your Promotion & Marketing

Including landing fees € 300
Including Iimousine Schiphol Commercial flight centrum to Amsterdam Heliport (S klasse)

Prices subject to availability and changes
Helicopter type EC120

Arrival at General Aviation Schiphol East (planes holding up to 19 passengers only).
Enquire Faralda for helicopter or limousine services.

Exit Central Station on the northside (river IJ).

Take the left ferry left to NDSM (one-minute walk). The ferry takes 11 minutes.

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