The average velocity for that round in the Long Ranger was 2674 fps. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Sear + spring reduced pull weight below 3 lbs. I own an AR15 and do not like that anywhere near as much as my Henry. With a front locking bolt to control case stretch, it is also just as good for reloaders as a bolt action and much better than an autoloader that throws brass around. Archive - The walnut in the test rifle is better than what most companies would call semi-fancy and much better than the walnut in the photo (supplied by Henry) of the rifle at the top of this page. Being new, I expected it to take a few shots to zero the scope and it did. With this, I can hunt, survive, or just have fun. The Hornady ammo gave us some good results, with our best group coming in at 1.69 inches and a resulting in an average of 1.88 inches. I shot this nice buck first day out. Michigan Center, Michigan, "Better to be poor and honest than to be dishonest and rich." I was able to place nine out of 10 rounds in my standing target and then went 10 for 10 in both kneeling and prone. (You can unsubscribe anytime), Ranger Point Precisions newest hardware can turn the already spicy Henry Big Boy X , Henrys unconventional shotgun may have a novelty flair about it, but it is all business w, A combined effort between Federal Premium and Henry delivers the ultimate pairing of rifle, Another Turkish entry makes its way into the US handgun market by Jeromy Knepp In a world , Building on the original G3 9mms success, the Taurus G3 Tactical is suppressor- and, For the, Gimme the gun, gimme the ammo, and lets go! types, the all-n, Henrys Homesteader 9mm Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle that is compact, accurate,, Accuracy from the bench means little if you cant steady the rifle on a hunt! Yes, I can see the Long Ranger as my main deer- and hog-hunting rifle. I know it can achieve it. The Ranger Point Henry Trigger Kit consists of a sear and a spring. There is a substantial spring behind the magazine release button, which ensures that the magazine will not be inadvertently released. The initial caliber offerings are .223 Remington, .243 Winchester and .308 Winchester. It does have one distinct difference, the Long Ranger is made in the USA! to around 3.5#. In late 2018, Henry did just that and released its 6.5 Creedmoor Long Ranger. Receive an occasional email from us with new product announcements, news, and notifications of future Henry events. If I wasnt careful to make sure I completed a very smooth, extremely consistent pull, my shots tended to go wide. The sear alone will reduce trigger pull weight to approximately 3.5 lbs. Of course, the smooth Henry lever action cycles much faster than a bolt action for follow-up shots. The oil finish completely fills the wood pores. buffalo valley tn. )I tested the ammunition using three- and four-round groups as my measure (the Long Rangers rotary magazine holds four rounds in the .308 Win., 6.5 mm Creedmoor and .243 Win. The Long Ranger uses a blue steel barrel and lever with an alloy receiver and wood furniture. A) That is for you or your Gunsmith to decide. if there are parts in your rifle that are loose and rubbing, there may be some benefit, however adding a shim by itself is not going to reduce the pull of a Heavy Trigger without other work, The Henry Lever Action is a classic Western-style lever action rifle, and one of the most popular .22's on the market today. Depending on your rifle, the screw may have some sort of sealant on it. Next, you'll notice the unique bolt design. These Cookies should be enabled to allow us to enhance your experience of This 32 Blade Gauge will measure from .0015" up and is perfect for general use. The website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. To help mitigate recoil for controlled bench rest-style shooting, I installed a Witt Machine clamp-on muzzle brake. .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, .243 Win, .308 Win, 6.5 Creedmoor. Also, the wind was atrocious. 2023 Henry RAC Holding Corp. All Rights Reserved. The action of the Long Ranger is built with a rotating bolt, just like that of an AR-10. I did have to make my own sacrificial assembly pin out of a bamboo skewer. This is usually done with Arkansas stones (shaped) or ceramics. Share. This information is not shared with 3rd parties beyond our marketing efforts. While bolt-action rifles are generally considered a European invention, the lever-action rifle is pure firearms Americana and has been in the hands of hunters for more than 150 years. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I experimented with different sizes in each case, but ended up with 0.005 for the trigger, hammer, and lever. You can easily reduce the trigger to that by taking one ring out of the trigger spring. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. At the range, constantly having to eject, reload and reseat the Long Ranger's detachable magazine quickly became irritating to our shooters, who generally prefer open top receivers. Terms of Service - With a total capacity of five rounds, it keeps it legal for hunting in nearly every jurisdiction. Use this form, or call toll-free 844-451-1899. They will let us know how many pages you have visited, and provide other functions required to use the site. For a hunting firearm, however, Ive usually opted for bolt-actions and ARs for a single reason: range. How The Long Ranger Proves A Perfect Platform To Launch The 6.5 Creedmoor: Capable of shooting long-range cartridges, such as the 6.5 Creedmoor, since it feeds off a removable box magazine. models, five on the .223 Rem. It feels like a two-stage trigger. We mounted a Leupold VX-R 2-7x33mm riflescope on our Henry Long Ranger test rifle. The sights that came on it are just superb. This allows for the action to withstand the higher pressures of bottleneck cartridges when compared to traditional straight-walled designs that lever guns are usually chambered in. While these satisfied hunters and shooters of nearly any quarry, it still left room to truly live up to its namesake with the mother of all recent long-range cartridges: 6.5 Creedmoor. Although the Henry Long Ranger is not a bench rest rifle, it does have sub-MOA competency. Action was, if anything, smoother with shims installed on the trigger (2 x .007"), hammer (2 x .007"), and lever (2 x .003") than it had been with the other shims (from the H001 .22 kit) on. The SIG Sauer Elite Performance came in second with a .778-inch group for three rounds, and 1.05-inches with three shots for the RazorBack XT. Proverbs 28:6, A) I make two different kits for Henry Rifles; One for the Small Frame .22 Rifle and one for the Large Frame Rifle. The rifle is comfortable on the shoulder, the lever functions flawlessly and its more than accurate enough to be a 250-yard deer killer. Measure your Lever, Hammer and Trigger Pins and Both the Remington Core-Lokt 150-grain and 180-grain (.996-inch group) rounds performed best. That would be the last time we would have a lever action rifle in our gun cabinet. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. The new Creedmoor rifle from Henry functions as a traditional lever-action rifle, except that it now feeds from a detachable four-round magazine. Having up to 14 rounds at the ready certainly was advantageous over the muzzleloaders of the day, earning it the moniker of that damn Yankee rifle that you load on Sunday and shoot all week." You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Compromise, schompromise. Working the lever provides a smooth bolt slide in and out of the receiver. I am looking into hopefully purchasing the Long Ranger in 223. The latest way appears to be an app called CamoSpace, designed specifically for members of the hunting community. Keep your gear handy when it's not on your belt. This system lets you carry a round in the chamber with the hammer forward. Henry Long Ranger. Mike in AZ, ~ Choose Reduced Power 32501 or Extra Power 16401~, While not specifically made for Henry, many guys are having success with this Marlin RP Spring 32501 (and the 33101 Straight Spring) in Henry Centerfire Rifles Too!See Our Tech Tip and Thanks to Mike in AZ, Reduced Power - Barrel Shape DesignOver All Length = 1.490" Fits Marlin 39A, 94, 95, 336 and 444 SeriesR.P. Before I consult a gunsmith, I'm asking you guys whether or not the Henry trigger is one that can be improved. Accurate? Winston Salem, NC Apr 6, 2018 #1 My shooting buddy had an itch for a Henry Long Ranger. Posts: 7,133. I like mine at about 2 1/2 pounds for a field rifle. Henry Repeating Arms' new Long Ranger is aimed at lever lovers who'd like a little more performance from a classic platform. The latter has multiple steel gongs from two hundred yards up the mountain to one thousand yards. After just a few minutes looking over the finely detailed checkering on the American walnut stock or the deeply blued American steel, there's no question that this rifle is a must-have for any collection, whether you're a fan of lever-action rifles, a fan of 6.5 Creedmoor or just want a classic, American action with some impressive ballistic performance. Please choose options for all selected products. The Ranger Point Henry Trigger Kit consists of a sear and a spring. Dubbed the Henry Long Ranger, the initial offering of the new rifle is a traditionally styled (as much as is possible, given the new action and a detachable box magazine) lever action carbine with a round, sporter contour, 20" barrel and a two-piece, walnut stock. The Long Ranger's magazine fits flush into the bottom of the action. THIS IS FOR SHIMS ONLY - ALL OTHER ORDERS Include this Upgrade You can learn more about how we use cookies and keep your data private by visiting our our Privacy Policy. The thermometer read five-degrees Fahrenheit my first visit, but warmed up all the way to eleven-degrees for the second go round. I manage this site myself, Please Report Any Website Problems to; Lance at, We cant go home again because of the change in it and in ourselves, but its still home, still part of us.And thats a beautiful thought. ~ Thomas Wolfe, TECH TIP: Reduced Trigger Pull using Trigger pull was extraordinarily smooth, breaking without any creep at an average of 7 pounds 5 ounces as confirmed with a Lyman Digital Trigger Scale. This version of the Long Ranger sports a 20" slim, blued-steel round-profile barrel cut with 1:10" right-handed six-groove rifling. Be it new tactics for hunting or customizing your firearm - we cover it all! I would definitely recommend the straight body Wolff (Marlin) spring for Henry 30-30 owners, with the caveat that they might want to have a couple of #6 washers on hand if their ammo has hard primers, or else move up to the Wolff "barrel body" (Our # 32501) spring with its 4.5# pull (and much harder hammer strike). chambering (we can argue about how well .223 Rem. Nonetheless, we were only conducting accuracy testing at 100 yards, so it really didnt matter much. The Henry Guarantee From CEO & Founder, Anthony Imperato "Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our firearms. I am regularly getting 3 and 4 shot groups at 40 to 50 yards that fit into a 50-cent piece. Im excited to sit down, do load work up, and really see what it can do to one thousand yards. Using 30mm Riton 12mm height rings allowed me to mount up a Riton X5 Primal 3-18x44mm scope. Thanks again for all your help with this project It balances between the hands and handles well. The Henry Long Ranger is (potentially) a deluxe rifle and deserves to look the part. Henry was going for a longer-range rifle to butt head-to-head against boltguns, it wasn't going for "brush gun". The Achilles Heel of this gun is its Horrible heavy trigger (and hammer) pull. Type: 1-Piece Base Model: Long Ranger Style: Picatinny Finish: Black Material: Aluminum Pieces: 1 Gun Type: Rifle Mount Type: Screw These cookies collect information that can help us understand how our websites are being used. I wouldn't have believed a new spring, shims, and a couple of washers would improve that trigger so much. We opted for the model with iron sights, just so we could get a better look at them, then mounted a 4-16X Riton MOD 3 riflescope on the receiver. | NRA Family, 3 Self Defense Myths That Just Won't Go Away | NRA Family, Old Sheriff's Funniest Felon FAILs | NRA Family, Top 5 'I Carry' Videos of 2022 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, VIDEO: A1F Editor Features in I Carry for Shooting Illustrated | An Official Journal Of The NRA, I Carry: SCCY CPX-2 In A Blade-Tech Klipt Holster | An Official Journal Of The NRA, First Look: Vortex Razor HD 4000 GB Ballistics Rangefinder | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Make Mine Metal: The Alloy-Frame KelTec P15 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, New for 2023: Henry Rifles Chambered in .360 Buckhammer | An Official Journal Of The NRA, First Shots: Colt CBX Precision Rifle | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Behind the Bullet: 7-30 Waters | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Little Guys To The Rescue: Federals Force X2 Shorty Shotshells | An Official Journal Of The NRA, CMP Milsurp Ammo In High Demand, .30 Carbine Online Sales Exhausted In One Week | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, New For 2023: Winchester 400 Legend | An Official Journal Of The NRA, American Hunter 2023 Golden Bullseye Award Winners | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Product Preview: OTTO Engineering NoizeBarrier Micro | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Spring Sales, Savings & Sweepstakes Ongoing | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Product Preview: Cold Steel Engage 3.5" | An Official Journal Of The NRA, New For 2023: Glock 28 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Competitors Corner: May 2023 | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, USA Shooting: Smith, Leverett Claim Junior Olympic Pistol Titles | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, Review: SIG Sauer Tango6T And Alpha4 Mount | An Official Journal Of The NRA, New: SIG Sauer ROMEO-M17 Red-Dot Optic | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, I Carry: Ruger-5.7 Pistol with a Riton Red Dot in an Alien Gear Holster | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Find More Great NRA Publications Perfect For Every Interest, Discover Everything That The NRA Has To Offer. We hope that Henry will see fit to offer a deluxe option as soon as possible. Henry Long Ranger, Henry Repeating Arms Long Ranger 308 Rifle Review, See a full review of the Long Ranger on, Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our firearms. I think a Henry trigger is one of the best out there but is a bit heavy. How? We would also suggest a waterproof, semi-gloss stock finish to better show off the nice walnut. (Our # 33101) It fired factory ammo flawlessly but had one light primer strike early on with one of my reloads. The Long Ranger is not supplied with iron sights, which is fine with us, but the rifle comes with two-piece, steel, Weaver/Picatinny type scope bases mounted at the factory. I put it down to my lack of experience with this particular rifle and moved on to 100-yard targets, but here I began to understand other factors affecting accuracy; namely, a trigger with a hard pull, and a barrel heating up too quickly for fast, repetitive shooting. Id like to congratulate you on the design of that rifle, and in particular the recoil pad. The trigger and fire control parts are fixed in the receiver, they do not move with the lever in the fashion of a Winchester Model 88 or BLR. The answer is absolutely, Yes! This is not a bench gun and the rounds we used would have absolutely made hits from 0-800 yards all day long. We think a lighter trigger would have resulted in even tighter groups. (NOTE: Winchester changed the name of this ammo line to RazorBoar XT, though it uses the same bullet and powder load as the RazorBack I have. A very loud clank was all that I heard, and the doe kicked in the after burners and was gone. Factory ammunition from Remington, Berger, and Hornady were sent for this long-range test. Successful hunt with my Henry Long Ranger. You directed me to have Randy from Globber Sports in Carrollton, Kentucky e-mail you his FFL and you would assist him on getting one for me. HOW TO HELP SUPPORT THE CHANNEL:Support us directly on Patreon: Point Precision - USE CODE WOLF10 FOR 10% off your order! Leather - USE CODE WOLF10 FOR 10% off your order! us on us on All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes, with an emphasis on safety and responsible gun ownership. No personal data is ever sent to us. Advertising - Henry was onboard and sent me a Long Ranger to see if it was possible. Choosing the .308 Win. The Henry Long Ranger in 6.5 Creedmoor is proof. Thanks, Bill V. Our Lever, Hammer and Trigger Shims will fit all H006 - H009 - H010 - H012 Henry Rifles including the Big Boy and Large Caliber Rifles, The new Creedmoor rifle from Henry functions as a traditional lever-action rifle, except that it now feeds from a detachable four-round magazine. It is best to insert a loaded magazine with the bolt closed and then cycle the action to feed a cartridge into the chamber. Please enable Preference & Functionality Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! Similar to the traditional Henry lever guns, the Long Ranger employs the proven in-hammer sliding transfer bar as a safety. It uses a satin-chromed, machined steel bolt with a rotating, six lug head that locks directly into a barrel extension. Made an already great rifle a little tighter and smoother, with an improved trigger pull. 32501..$ 11.95, Extra Power - Barrel Shape DesignOver All Length = 1.590" Fits Marlin 39A, 94, 95, 336 and 444 SeriesE.P. Core-Lokt 150 grain bullet, which achieved a mean average group size of only 1.15". will do the job at that distance another time.) . Stock No. Fortunately, 15 minutes later a bigger doe came strolling buy and I took her. Congratulate them for me. Got the 30-30 shim kit (H006 / H009 / H010 / H012 Series) in the mail this week and installed it on my Henry. in With the Champion Rest, my groups got considerably tighter, mostly, I think, because the solid rest and the padded rear pocket holding the stock negated much of the triggers effect on accuracy. Like I stated, it would benefit from time at the reloading bench, tailoring a load that I know could shoot tiny groups. Hammer Shims (.168" X .314") One element to appreciate about this rifle is that it's built out of American steel and walnut by those who still carry the time-honored tradition of putting a little pride into their work. You can unsubscribe at any time and we do not share or sell your information, ever. A metal grip frame, slide ports and a red dot cut are just some of the new features. 4point at 52 yards. Henry Instructional Video Series H014 The Long Ranger Introduction Disassembly Reassembly Cleaning Scope Mounting Sight Adjustment At the Range The Henry Guarantee From Owner, Anthony Imperato "Henry owners have my personal guarantee to make certain that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase of our rifles. called henry, they said send it back but that they still would not reduce the trigger pull below factory . My dad owned a Browning BLR (Browning Lever Rifle) when I was a kid. Running the Federal hybrid match ammo confirmed the accuracy potential of the Long Ranger with a best group of 1.62 inches. You asked what Id get next, and I said Id probably get a Long Ranger. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. It comes with a beautifully grained walnut stock with a matte clearcoat. We used Leupold PRW cross-slot rings on the rifle's supplied bases to mount the VX-R. With the scope mounted, the Long Ranger balances in the middle of its magazine bottom plate, putting the rifle's weight between the shooter's hands, as we prefer. The magazine was easy to fill, even with light shooting gloves on. I was using my Marlin Guide gun in 45-70 and I had a big doe at 20 yards broadside in front of me, I had a perfect sight picture and squeezed off a shot. We hope that Henry will see fit to offer a deluxe option as soon as possible. That's the only time. I now have the exact rifle that I would choose, if I could only own one rifle. This scope is a second focal plane optic with generous vertical adjustment totaling 108 MOA. Instead, it relies on a transfer-bar safety that prevents the hammer from contacting the firing pin until the trigger is fully depressed. My uncle owned a Winchester Model 88 in .284 Winchester. I prefer the lever actions without that cross bolt safety since I grew up without it and I am content to put my rifle on half cock for the safety. The magazine will not clear the lever if the lever is all the way forward. I kept the original Henry Hammer Spring but with its 5.5# pull I doubt it'll ever go back on the rifle. This is not, after all, a gas-operated rifle with a buffer tube in the stock. It also has an Argon/Krypton filled, one-piece, 30mm main tube with a fast focus Euro-style eyepiece, index matched lens system, blackened lens edges, DiamondCoat external lens coatings and 1/4 MOA fingertip adjustments. This is the Best-In-Class lever gun that leaves many bolt actions in the dust. Mar 25, 2020. The Ranger Point Henry Trigger Kit consists of a sear and a sp At RPP, we want to make your levergun as good as it can be. Receive an occasional email from us with new product announcements, news, and notifications of future Henry events. He quietly slipped and bought one, I guess to keep his wife from knowing. New bolt actions make it too easy. The hammer is automatically cocked when the action is cycled. So, we tried Federal Gold Medal Match duplicate handloads with 175-grain Sierra MatchKings and were able to get a hit on a 66 percent IPSC target. That crossbolt safety cost me a deer the first and last time I ever used it. It was chaotic at best, and the trigger was about nine pounds. It is well made, attractive, accurate and reliable. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Use stones to polish friction surfaces in the trigger linkage and the sear surfaces.just polish. This has little effect on the possibility of a slam fire so is safe to do. The action of the Long Ranger is built with a rotating bolt, just like that of an AR-10. Do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos. This, at least theoretically, allows for a cleaner trigger pull. Posts: 78. Got a .308 Long Ranger, which as you know is a stout caliber with a fair amount of kick to it. and We fired three shot groups for record. This fine scope features a Duplex reticle with a tiny illuminated center point for use in dim light. Youre doing my family name good, Anthony, keep it up. Carbines are all well and good in thick brush country or confined spaces, but it takes at least a 22" barrel to come close to realizing the ballistic potential of the .308 Winchester, or any other high intensity cartridge.
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