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Crane Hotel Faralda *****

3 luxurious designed suites and a broadcasting TV studio on top of a 50 metre high monumental crane.

Two elevators provide access to the Panoramic Lounge and the three spacious and the 3 extravagant luxury suites in top of the Crane (35 – 50 meters).

Crane Hotel Faralda is an iconic landmark in the middle of the world famous NDSM quarter:

The creative and innovative hub of today’s art, culture and business. NDSM is a rough and Inspiring Place in an unprecedented Industrial and Mystic setting.

It is certainly set to become one of the most talked about pieces of architecture…” Fused Magazine

Crane Hotel Faralda has become a welknown and recognized restoration project development.

Despite its short existence, the crane has allready been honored with many prestiqieuze prizes and nominations. It is nowadays one of the most published developments.

“One of the things you have to do before you die is a stay in the Crane.”

Our guests are creative and passionate Free Spirits. Many famous or less famous have gone before

What happens in the Crane stays in the Crane.



Compilatie Suite No 3 Free Spiritbedfirst

Free Spirit

35 meters

Compilatie Secret Suite No 2


Compilatie Mystique Suite No 1