Cranesessions X Epika

Speaker Honey * Dave Seamen B2B Quivver * Silver Panda * HEVI Levi * TEBRA * Revol * Walker & Narah * Angel Sanchez * Product Of Us B2B Mar + Mer * Tara Brooks

Saturday, October 21, 02.00 / 2 AM until 16.00 / 4 PM

Crane Sessions and EPIKA proudly presents a spectacular event set inside the Faralda Crane, one of the world's most prestigious and exclusive event venues. This immersive experience takes place during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and promises to be an unforgettable showcase of electronic music talent spanning the genres of Organic House, Afro House, Progressive House, Melodic House, and Techno. The Crane Sessions are a celebration of international artists, from emerging sensations to legendary DJs and producers, with debut Netherlands performances.

The Crane Sessions at Faralda Crane during ADE 2023 is an event of unparalleled exclusivity, and ticket access is extremely limited. To avoid the heartbreak of missing out on this unforgettable experience, we strongly urge you to sign up for ticket access at your earliest convenience. With only 50 spots available for each 4.5-hour session and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the entire 14-hour extravaganza with our Premium Tickets, time is of the essence. Don't delay, secure your place amidst international music talent and an iconic venue setting.

Event Format

The event is divided into three sessions, each lasting 4.5 hours. Each session accommodates a limited audience of 50 attendees. Premium Tickets provide access to the entire 14-hour event, including all three sessions. To access the Crane, attendees must use the stairs, adding to the exclusivity and charm of the venue.

02:00 Tebra
03:00 Mar + Mer
04:00 Somna
05:30 Hevi Levi

06:30 CK 100
08:00 REVOL
09:00 Product of Us
10:00 2BAnnounced

11:00 Silver Panda X Weekend Heroes
12:00 Dave Seaman & Quivver
13:30 Speaker Honey
15:00 Walker & Narah

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